Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tasty Tuesdays

Tasty Tuesdays will be dedicated to bringing you delicious food options that you may want to look into for your big day. Nix the traditional cake decorations and the boring buffet line and opt for some uniquely refreshing ideas that will want your guests asking for seconds.

Today’s post will be dedicated to desserts. I am personally not a huge fan of cake, which is usually quite shocking to most people. I have been thinking about alternatives to the traditional wedding cake that most people would choose for their reception. One idea I’m very keen of is wedding cheesecake.

With this idea, I imagine a smaller more intricately designed cheesecake for the bride and groom to share with their favorite flavors or toppings. For the guests of your wedding, a create-your-own cheesecake bar would be a fun and personal way for them to enjoy their dessert. Toppings galore would adorn a long table and guests would be able to top their plain slices of cheesecake with whatever they would like.

For more inspiration, Black Hills Bride Magazine has a wonderful assortment of tasty desserts on their Pinterest board. Among the desserts are cheesecakes (pictured above), beautifully designed cakes, and even a donut cake!

If regular cakes or more your style, The Knot has a wonderful gallery of cake designs that are both modern and traditional.

And as always, you can check out my Pinterest "I do" board for more unique food choices, venues, and other wedding ideas that I adore!


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  1. I like this idea, it's similar to what I was contemplating for my not so near wedding. I had the idea of small cakes as the center pieces that are each a different kind. I have yet to attend a wedding with this similar idea and honestly I hope I'm able to do this before someone I know. Selfish as it sounds, I would like something different then the rest of my family. I look forward to reading some more of your posts.